Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • Dr Ian Woolhouse

    01 September 2012

    Lung cancer insight

      UHB is recruiting patients for a clinical trial which could help improve ways to identify patients who will develop lung cancer. Doctors usually diagnose lung cancer after somebody develops symptoms or has an abnormal…

  • 01 September 2012

    Value of drug diligence

    Researchers have shown that a specialised drug prescribing system could help prevent a repetition of the notorious 2002 killings of elderly patients by nurse Colin Norris. Norris was convicted in 2008 of murdering four patients…

  • Dialysis

    01 September 2012

    Work aids care of kidney patients

    QEHB is to take part in a study to establish clearer guidance for when to begin dialysis treatment for patients whose kidneys are not functioning properly. Dialysis is a process by which waste products are…

  • 01 September 2012

    International stage for Trust physicians

    QEHB renal physicians played a key role in a major international conference in Berlin, returning with two awards for research into complex issues around kidney transplantation. The 24th International Congress of the Transplantation Society was…

  • 01 September 2012

    Research reviews care of rare skin disease

    Researchers are trialling a new approach to a rare skin disease at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. Bullous pemphigoid causes large, painful blisters and normally affects older patients. It is a relatively rare condition, affecting around…