Birmingham Health Partners

Birmingham Health Partners is a strategic alliance between University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, University of Birmingham and Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust bringing together clinical, scientific and academic excellence across an integrated medical and life sciences campus.

Its short term strategic objectives focus on the identification, adoption and spread of innovation and best practice, through the alignment of healthcare delivery, research and training. The long term objectives of BHP are to improve healthcare; contribute to the local economy through job creation and inward investment into the biomedical sector, and increase public engagement and education about biomedicine and clinical research through increased enrolment into early and late phase clinical trials.

It will deliver an integrated pan-Birmingham research strategy from childhood to old-age, translating basic discovery science into clinical benefits for Birmingham and the wider health economy.

BHP services a diverse population concentrated in an easily accessible geographical footprint providing a patient-base no other centre can deliver. Shared governance allows members to maximise facilities, expertise and access to patients to grow synergies between Birmingham’s diverse research groupings and deliver major advances in healthcare.

BHP’s goal is to provide the infrastructure to enable members to draw upon the synergies of the West Midlands diverse economic and ethnic population to integrate service innovation, delivery and education within the full spectrum of the biomedical science from discovery to applied health research.

BHP will:

  • Embed multidisciplinary Clinical Academic Groups (CAGs) within BHP to develop a translational strategy based on detailed phenotyping and interventional studies of well-defined patient cohorts
  • Extend UHB’s electronic medical records (EMR) system to BCH and integrate it with UoB systems science to provide a comprehensive clinical informatics capability
  • Establish integrated systems of medicine platforms in genomics, metabolomics and immunophenotyping underpinned by bioinformatics capability
  • Secure additional strategic industry partners to work with BHP to deliver our vision
  • Develop and integrate innovative research training and education programmes in stratified/personalised medicine
  • Complete the capital project to open a 6000sqm Institute of Translational Medicine in June 2015