Innovation@UHB serves to develop concrete products from great ideas within the Trust. The team, based in R&D, are happy to speak with any individual who has an idea relating to any aspect of their working environment at UHB. By linking with commercial partners, products can be successfully developed and marketed, which will lead to a more efficient working environment and more effective patient care at UHB and beyond.

How can Innovation@UHB help you?

Ideas may often result from innovative research, and researchers are very welcome to use this service. The service is not restricted to researchers. We welcome any member of staff who thinks they have an exciting new idea.

Our service will take you through the following steps:

  • Assess: We will discuss your idea and its feasibility.
  • Protect: If your idea is feasible, we will first go through the appropriate procedures to ensure that you ‘own’ your idea (i.e. it is your intellectual property).
  • Fund: We will explore funding to develop the product.
  • Partner: We will link in with commercial partners who can design, engineer, and market the product.
  • Disseminate: Finally, we will showcase your innovation so that others can use it too!

Please remember:

  • WE CAN: Make a great idea sustainable and forge relationships with commercial partners.
  • WE CANNOT: Fund the development of your product, or ‘just make a few’ – we strive to help you gain funding through external sources and find a suitable commercial partner who will help to market your product on a large scale.

We strongly encourage you to get in touch. We are here to provide the building blocks to make your ideas become a reality.

Contact Innovation@UHB

If you have an idea you would like to discuss, please get in touch by emailing: