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On Twitter, the following accounts are useful in terms of PPI:

@Know_HG; @sally_crowe ; @SDenegri ; @DavidGilbert43 ; @KristinaStaley2;  @Tessajlrichards ; @drmelcalvert ; @PCORI ; @nwpirf ; @NIHRINVOLVE ; @NewbiggingKaren ; @CPROR_UoB ; @jonathanboote

NIHR Involve website

NIHR People in Research site is a place where both researchers and the public can indicate their willingness to participate in research, and to find lay people. Researchers can register details of their proposed research.

Research Design Service West Midlands:

COMET Initiative:

Crowe associates, Sally Crowe :

Top ten tips for PPI:

Pathways to embed PPI in healthcare science training:

CRUK PPI Toolkit

PCORI Patient Centred Outcomes Research Institute

PCORI Engagement Rubric