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Clinical Research Facility study visits

Some appointments are taking place virtually but we still welcome patients on site for in-person study visits. To speak to a team member before your planned study visit, please contact the Clinical Research Facility using the phone number provided on your appointment letter.

To maintain safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, all patients and visitors entering outpatient areas are screened for COVID-19 symptoms. Privacy will be maintained and patients and visitors will be seen in a separate area if the screening answers require direct discussion with the clinic team. COVID-19 symptoms are not unique and outpatient review may still be appropriate depending on a person's needs.

During the visit

  • Depending on the type of study, participants may be called through to an outpatient room, a comfortable chair in a bay or an inpatient bed
  • Participants may not be seen in the same place for every visit, but this is explained at the beginning of the study
  • Participants can be accompanied by a parent, friend or family member during the visit
  • Study visits can vary in length and may involve procedures or tests
  • Before agreeing to take part in the study, a doctor or nurse will explain to participants what will happen during the study
  • Kitchens, accessible toilets, showers and televisions are available to participants

After the visit

  • Once the visit has finished, a research nurse explains what will happen next and if another visit is required
  • Participants may be asked to book another appointment before leaving
  • The doctor or research nurse will be more than happy to help answer any questions from the participant
  • The research nurse will give their contact details to the participant to answer any questions after leaving the department

Last reviewed: 26 April 2021