Facilities and Equipment

The Birmingham CRFs facilities and equipment is split across two sites. The Birmingham CRF consists of an adult facility at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and a paediatric facility at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. On both sites, the CRF is equipped to a high standard to allow research studies to be carried out consistently and in accordance with Good Clinical Practice guidelines.


Multi-purpose rooms
The CRF has multi-purpose generic rooms which include outpatient clinic rooms, day-case facilities, inpatient beds, and meeting rooms.

Specialist rooms
Specialist rooms include a metabolic studies area, endoscopy suite and high specification isolation rooms.

Specialist equipment

  • iDexa bone density and body composition scanner
  • endoscopy equipment
  • iE33 ultrasound scanner
  • Moxus (UHB) + Oxycon Pro (BCH) indirect calorimeters
  • exercise bikes and treadmill
  • procedure rooms for biopsies and invasive procedures
  • sample processing laboratory
  • tissue culture laboratory
  • pQCT scanner and jump force plate
  • Sphygmocor (non-invasive cardiovascular testing)
  • two sound proof audiology booths
  • dental chair
  • ophthalmology equipment


The CRF has purpose-built laboratories for processing and analysing research samples and includes:

  • analytical laboratory
  • class II laboratory
  • sample handling, processing, storage and analysis

Health Research Bus (HRB) 

The HRB is a mobile clinical research facility which enables research in the community. It is equipped with an iDexa bone density scanner compatible with those in the main facilities, clinic rooms, and sample processing laboratory.