Crowds flock to Trust’s research showcase

07 June 2013

Hundreds of people got a glimpse inside the Trust’s large and varied research programmes during QEHB Charity Research 2013 – You Can Make a Difference event.

Urology researcher Prashant Patel demonstrates a prostate cancer examination simulator to UHB’s Director of Deliver Tim Jones during the QEHB Charity Research 2013 event. The urology stand was named Best Stand for its varied interactive displays about prostate and testicular cancer.

The event was part of International Clinical Trials Day, which featured the slogan “It’s OK to ask about clinical research”.  It showcased the world class work done by the Trust’s researchers and reflected the importance of engaging with patients and their families.

The event enabled many patients to see how they can get involved in the crucial work of research.

The stands included interactive displays which showed how well you brush your teeth, showed off the latest in surgical drills, and gave an idea of what a sick liver looks and feels like.

Among those running stands was Radiography Clinical Trials Coordinator Karen Isaacs, who said: “We’ve had a lot of people asking about their own personal experience of scanning. The public are very interested in the technology.”

Senior Renal Research Sister Mary Dutton was also involved in a stand and said: “It has been very interesting because it’s been a chance to explain to people why we need to do research.”