Cystic Fibrosis research all ‘on time and on target’ at Heartlands

17 December 2018


Recruiting patients and volunteers to take part in medical trials can be one of the toughest aspects of getting a trial up and running for researchers. The cystic fibrosis (CF) team at Heartlands Hospital though have been delighted with their record in recruitment.

Led by study coordinator and respiratory medicine research nurse Joseph Nyaboko, the team are currently recruiting to five different pharmaceutical trials, all aimed at people with CF.

Joseph explained: “All of the current trials are sponsored by different pharmaceutical companies and each needs between two and four patients. So far we have recruited to ‘time and on target’ for four of the studies and are on track for completing the fifth too.”

The challenge in recruiting even a small number of people for such research involves matching the right patient to the right trial, and for some of them the recruit may have to have a very specific gene mutation. One of the current trials is only aiming to recruit 12 patients worldwide and this is represents a fantastic opportunity for people with CF in the West Midlands to trial the most ground-breaking new treatments.

The Heartlands’ CF centre is also collaborating with the paediatric CF team at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, as part of the European CF Society Clinical Trials Network, to enable children with CF to take part in research.

Joseph added: “We are pleased that in many cases research has enabled our patients to get access to novel therapies which otherwise would not be available within the NHS or anywhere else. Thanks to the trials running at the Trust, some of our patients are able to access the newest therapies possible while at the same time taking part in advancing medical care and research.”