Insulin Study

11 July 2018

Insulin Study: Participants required

UHB and the University of Birmingham are working together to conduct a study about the effect of insulin on memory and taste.

In order to carry this out, female participants are required – some with a BMI of 18-25 and some with a BMI of 30-40. These participants will receive £100 upon completion for aiding the study.

Over three sessions the participants would have four blood samples taken, undergo an fMRI scan, take part in a questionnaire, receive an intranasal insulin and placebo, and complete taste tests.

The first session of screening only lasts approximately an hour, with the second and third test sessions each lasting around 5 hours.

To find out if you are eligible for participation, and for more information regarding the study, please contact to fill out a questionnaire.

It is essential that participants do not have, or take medication in relation to any neurological, psychiatric or metabolic diseases, have any dietary restrictions such as being vegan, vegetarian or having allergies, have non-removable metal in their body, or be left-handed.