Lab named for charity supporting burns research

25 June 2013

A Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham burns research laboratory has been named in honour of a charity which has helped to fund research into disfiguring injuries across the country.

Naming of the Fleming Laboratory for burns research

David Pocknee (from PF Charitable Trust), Sir John Temple (Chairman of the Healing Foundation Research Council), Brendan Eley (Chief Executive of The Healing Foundation), Hugh Twiss (Trustee of The Healing Foundation), Prof Janet Lord (Director MRC-ARUK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research, University of Birmingham), Tim Jones (Executive Director of Delivery, University Hospitals Birmingham) and Mr Naiem Moiemen (Director of The Healing Foundation Centre for Burns Research) with the sign for the newly named laboratory.

PF Charitable Trust was founded by the Fleming family, which founded the highly successful Robert Fleming & Co bank.  The trust has made major contributions to The Healing Foundation, a charity which champions the cause of people living with disfigurement and visible loss of function.

Following the recent launch of The Healing Foundation Birmingham Burns Research Centre, based at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB), it was decided to honour the long-standing contributions of the PF Charitable Trust by naming a research laboratory as The Fleming Laboratory.

The laboratory, on Level 1 of QEHB, will play a key role in the work of the burns research centre, which is a collaboration with Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the University of Birmingham and University College London. The laboratory is managed and staffed by the University of Birmingham as part of its close links with the hospital.

Burns Research Centre Director Mr Naiem Moiemen said: “The PF Charitable Trust has shown great generosity in supporting the work of The Healing  Foundation and we are proud to be able to honour that contribution.

“We are very grateful for their support, which will help us in our work to improve the diagnosis and treatment of burn injuries. We also have the long-term goal of developing a national framework for burns research and education.

“Without the support of organisations  like The Healing Foundation and the PF Charitable Trust we could not do this important work, which will save and change so many lives.”

Healing Foundation Chief Executive Brendan Eley said: “The PF Charitable Trust has been a strong supporter of the The Healing Foundation since 2000, and with the opening of the burns research centre we agreed that it would be appropriate to honour them in this way.

“It is a move which enables them to see what kind of work The Healing Foundation is able to do with the support they have given us.”