Registering a Study with R&D

17 January 2013


To Register a study with the R&D Governance office you can either complete the form below [Gareth please format the list of questions below and Chris please clarify what inbox you want this form to go to] or email the R&D Governance Office directly to the email address: [Chris can you clarify what the email address is – is it Helen’s or is their a central address]

• Name
• Name of the Chief Investigator
• Name of the Principle Investigator
• Email address
• Telephone Number
• Full Study Title as appears on Protocol
Can we have a mechanism for them to attach their completed protocol if they have one

The R&D Governance Office will write to acknowledge the registration and set out the documents and other requirements for authorising the study as set out in the Applying for R&D Approval section of this website [insert link].  We will not process the application further until a minimum set of documents have been returned.

When the R&D Governance Office acknowledges registration of a new study it will also request some local documents for completion and signature including:
• Principal Investigator Agreement
• Divisional Director/ Clinical Service Lead approval form
• Local ionising radiation risk assessment form (IRMER Form), where appropriate
• Data Transfer Form