University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust may agree to act either as sole sponsor or as co-sponsor with another organisation (usually the University of Birmingham). Generally the Trust will only act as sponsor if it is the employer of the Chief Investigator. The Chief Investigator must formally request the Trust to act as sponsor and must submit a protocol to the R&D Governance Office. The Chief Investigator will be asked to complete a Sponsorship Request Form  and Chief Investigator Agreement before the Trust can confirm sponsorship.

Do I need a sponsor?

All research falling under the remit of the Secretary of State for Health must have a formal sponsor. This includes all research in health and social care that involve NHS patients, their tissue or information, etc.

What does the study sponsor do?

The study sponsor is the person who takes on ultimate responsibility for the initiation, management and financing (or arranging the financing) of the research.  The sponsor satisfies itself that appropriate checks have been undertaken to ensure that the study meets the relevant standards, and makes sure arrangements are put and kept in place for authorisation, management, monitoring and reporting.