[Cancer] Research Facilitation Group ([C]RFG)

The Research Facilitation Groups are facilitated and managed by the Research Application Support (RAS) team . RAS team pre-award grant officers are also core members of the group. The [C]RFG remit is to discuss new research studies involving UHB patients, staff, facilities, samples or data. The groups provides a forum for clinical, operational and service teams to discuss and support the development of a world-class portfolio of both academic and commercial research.

In order to present or have your study tabled for discussion at the appropriate Research Facilitation Group, you need to complete a PI questionnaire, this needs to be completed at least a week before your study is scheduled for [C]RFG presentation/discussion.

R&D Study Stage Map – Proces Map – Approved

PI Questionnaire

Meet The Team

[C]RFG Presentation Slides – Template

Contact the [C]RFG Team

You can contact the [C]RFG Team by:


RFG@uhb.nhs.uk (Non-Cancer Studies)

CRFG@uhb.nhs.uk (Cancer Studies)