Electronic Systems Information

Electronic Systems Assessment (ESA) Information Statement for the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB)


The full information for ESA can be downloaded via this link.


If the sponsor wishes to review the format of data accessible via the UHB EPR who should be contacted?

Systems Manager for Clinical Portal: Deborah McKee: Deborah.McKee@uhb.nhs.uk

Systems Manager for Exelicare (Whittall Street): Sharon Dowd: Sharon.Dowd@uhb.nhs.uk

Head of R&D Operations: Joanne Plumb: Joanne.Plumb@uhb.nhs.uk


 If the sponsor wishes to notify R&D of any reportable findings relating to the data held on the systems at UHB  and related sites (Whittall Street) following monitoring visits, who should be contacted?

Head of R&D Governance: Dr Chris Counsell: Chris.Counsell@uhb.nhs.uk

Research Governance Manager: Shahnaz Gill-Stokes: Shahnaz.Gill-Stokes@uhb.nhs.uk