Portfolio Adoption

What studies are eligible for portfolio adoption?

Studies are potentially eligible if they are funded through a nationally competitive, peer-reviewed process. The Trust would expect any study that has the potential to be included on the portfolio to make an application for inclusion

Automatically eligible studies

Studies which are automatically eligible for consideration for portfolio adoption are those that:

  • Have some of their research funding provided by the NIHR, other areas of central Government and NIHR non-commercial Partners*; and
  • Fulfil the Eligibility Criteria definition of a ‘research study’ .

*These are organisations that:

  • Award research funds as a result of open competition across England with high quality peer review
  • Fund research that is of clear value to the NHS
  • Take appropriate account of the priorities, needs and realities of the NHS in making decisions about the research that they fund.

Potentially eligible studies

Studies which are potentially eligible for consideration for NIHR Clinical Research Network support are those that are:

  • Commercially funded and commercially sponsored (i.e. commercial contract research).  These are industry sponsored studies that have been reviewed by a Network Industry Adoption Panel and accepted into the NIHR CRN Portfolio will be classed as high priority.
  • Non-commercial studiesthat require adoption are either:
    • Initiated by non-commercial investigators (e.g. University or NHS staff) with the majority of the research funding being provided by a commercial organisation (e.g. a pharmaceutical, biotechnology or devices company) specifically to support that stud
    • Funded by overseas Governments
    • Funded by overseas charities

These studies must be considered via the non-commercial adoption process to ensure the quality of the studies and their value to the NHS prior to confirmation of eligibility for consideration for NIHR Clinical Research Network support. If eligible, these studies will be given a medium priority (IITs and overseas Governments) or low priority (overseas charities) for Clinical Research Network support.

Studies that are not eligible

Studies which are not eligible for consideration for NIHR Clinical Research Network support are those that:

  • Do not meet the eligibility criteria definition of a ‘research study’. This excludes:
    • Audits
    • Needs Assessments
    • Quality Improvements
    • Other local service evaluations
    • Banking of biological samples or data except where this activity is integral to a self-contained research project designed to test a clear hypothesis
  • Do not have full research funding
  • Are studies funded by training awards that are not a recognised part of a research career pathway

If you are remain unsure whether you study can portfolio adopted and please contact the R&D Governance Office