Elderly Care Trials

  • 31/08/2021

    Understanding acute sarcopenia: a time-limited cohort study to characterise changes in muscle mass and physical function in older adults following hospitalisation

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  • 21/12/2018


    Determining the feasibility of chair-based physical activity interventions aimed at improving various aspects of health and wellbeing in geriatric populations with pre-existing frailty within a hospital ward setting – Seated Physical Activity in Ageing (SPAA)

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  • 01/04/2015

    Delirium in hospital of undiagnosed dementia

    Delirium in General Hospital as a marker of Undiagnosed Dementia: Evaluation of Pragmatic Methods for Screening and Follow-up

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  • 01/09/2017

    Protein distribution in older adults

    The effects of dietary protein distribution on the responsiveness to resistance exercise training in older adults

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  • 06/09/2018


    The acute effects of sitting time on physiological and psychological function in older adults

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  • 31/07/2021

    Investigating the Ageing Immune System in Hospitalised Older People

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  • 30/04/2013

    Is physical activity the major determinant of healthy ageing and does it prevent ageing-related inflammation and frailty?

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