British Hypertension Society (BHS) Validation Study Protocol

Research Summary

Until recently mercury blood pressure measurement devices have been the most common way of taking a person’s blood pressure but government legislation will soon necessitate the withdrawal of mercury from routine use in hospitals and by General Practitioners. Therefore there is a need to develop other monitors to measure blood pressure as accurately as we have been able to with a mercury device. Although there are many automated blood pressure monitors available on the market not all have been tested for accuracy. It is very important that these new monitors are accurate in order to obtain a true measure of a person’s blood pressure. If the monitor reading is too high it is likely that a many people will be treated with blood pressure lowering tablets which may not be necessary and similarly if blood pressure is recorded lower than it actually is people who should receive therapy may not.

Research Overview
PI Name Martin - U
Sponsor British Hypertension Society
Project Status Open
Proposed End Date 15/12/2012
Study Run through CRF? Yes
Recruitment so far 38