UHB team produce guide for effective engagement with patients

13 November 2020

A team of researchers at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust have recently published a paper presenting their findings on how best to involve and engage patients with hearing loss in health research.

The paper, published in the Patient Experience Journal, was based on the team’s experience in setting up a Patient and Public Involvement group for audiology research.

The lessons learnt from establishing the group have also been turned into a guide that can be shared with other NHS Trusts interested in creating their own groups for deaf or hard of hearing patients.

Amy Gosling, hearWELL collaboration research project manager and lead author, said: “When we began our research, we weren’t able to find any case studies for research groups that include patients with hearing loss.

“We hope our paper will be a useful first step in promoting best practice in the engagement of patients, the public and researchers, helping Patient and Public Involvement in Research reach its full potential.

“I’d like to thank all my co-authors as well as all the members of our group for their contributions both to our paper and guide.”

A patient and public involvement group has been set up and currently has more than 70 members. The group are continuing to meet virtually during the covid-19 pandemic, with steps in place to best involve patients with hearing loss and other sensory impairments.

The full paper “PANDA: A case-study examining a successful Audiology and Otology Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Research Group” can be read in Patient Experience Journal