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Improving outcomes for people with inflammatory diseases

The National Institute for Health and Care Research Birmingham Biomedical Research Centre (NIHR Birmingham BRC) translates new scientific discoveries into treatments and diagnostics for patients in
the UK and across the globe. We focus on inflammation and the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of its associated long-term diseases.

Diagram displaying the core areas and 11 research themes of the Birmingham BRC programme

We are part of the NIHR and hosted by University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with the University of Birmingham. We are joined by our new partners in Keele, Aston and Oxford Universities and additional NHS Trusts; Birmingham Women’s and Children’s (BWCFT), Birmingham Community Healthcare (BCHC) and Sandwell and West Birmingham (SWBH) – giving us greater reach, diversity and opportunities for co-creation and impact across our regional population.

Cutting-edge inflammation research

Our vision is to be a world-leading centre for translational research into inflammatory diseases.
Inflammation causes or worsens many common long-term illnesses including arthritis, liver disease and cancer. More than 50% of the UKʼs population have at least one inflammatory disease, and over 50% of deaths worldwide are attributable to long-term diseases related to inflammation. This makes tackling
inflammatory conditions a major NHS and global priority.

At the Birmingham BRC, we test and deliver new treatments for these diseases, most of which have no cure or treatments to improve quality of life. Thanks to our ability to work with the West Midlands’ uniquely diverse population, our research is relevant not only on a local and national level, but also on a global scale.