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Why UHB?

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust Is made up of:

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
  • Solihull Hospital
  • Good Hope Hospital
  • Birmingham Chest Clinic
  • Whittal Street Clinic, including the Umbrella Service (Sexual Health)

We are one of the largest Trusts in England treating over 2.2 million patients each year and have more than 2,700 beds across our sites.

We have established research infrastructure, provide specialist services regionally, nationally and internally and have dedicating research facilities across our sites. With experienced researchers and research delivery teams meaning, making us a great place to deliver any research.

We recognise the value a broad commercial portfolio brings to our local population and our dedicated Commercial Research Manager is available to support portfolio management and development and wayfinding. Get in touch with: Amy Smith, Commercial Research Manager,


The West Midlands has the sixth most active CRN for commercial research in 2022/23, with UHB being the largest Trust in the region accounting for more than 30% of the commercial portfolio. Our diverse population, vast research infrastructure and large geographical, and collaborative way of working position us well for delivering all research.

Facilities and Infrastructure

We have dedicated research teams, Data Hubs and associated ethical frameworks that facilitate with processing requests for Data.


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  • Approval process
  • Amendments
  • Closing studies
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