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Our research team is dedicated to providing and supporting world-class research, to improve patients’ lives and make important advances in medicine. Our staff works independently and collaboratively, with internal support teams as well as hosted infrastructure and networks, to provide the best possible care for our patients both now and in the future. Below is an organigram, which highlights key members of the team that help to make research at UHB possible.


Our Infrastructure

Operational Support Teams and Hosted Infrastructure

Research Finance and Managemnent Accounts Team

Clinical Support services

West Midlands Academic Health Science Network

Central and South Genomics Medicines Service Alliance

Research Finance and Mannagemnent Accounts Team

Chief Medical Officer
Managing Director RD & I
and Programme Director WM SDE
Hilary Fanning
Clinical Director Health Data Research
Clinical Director ID & I
Prof Dhiraj Tripathi
Director of Research Development and Innovation
Jo Plumb
Director of Healthcare Data Research
Deputy Clinical Directors of Research