Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) has five NHS rheumatology consultants, all of whom are involved in research. Three senior clinical researchers are based at QEHB and at the University of Birmingham with active clinical research programmes at QEHB. A number of other clinical researchers also hold honorary contracts at QEHB and are involved in rheumatology research.

Health service research

The hospital’s clinical service lead for rheumatology is Dr Paresh Jobanputra, who is involved in research into health services, clinical trials, research synthesis, systematic reviews and economic analyses.

Sjögren’s syndrome

Dr Simon Bowman is an Honorary Clinical Reader at the University of Birmingham. His research into the treatment of Sjögren’s syndrome with Rituximab was featured in the Arthritis Research UK magazine. The hospital works closely with the Medical Research Council’s Sjögren’s Registry in Newcastle, which collects samples from patients all across the country to facilitate research on the syndrome.


Professor Caroline Gordon, an internationally recognised expert on lupus, is an honorary consultant at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) and works out of the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Centre on the QEHB site. She has one of the largest groups of patients in the world for studying the condition.

Early arthritis

Dr Andrew Filer is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham and is an honorary consultant at QEHB. He is carrying out research on early arthritis and imaging in arthritis, funded by Arthritis Research UK and the Wellcome Trust. He is the rheumatology lead for the QEHB Chronic Disease Research Centre. The centre conducts research into inflammatory diseases including arthritis, kidney, lung disease and diabetes.

Dr Ben Fisher joined the team in March 2012 as a Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant. His research will focus on initial clinical trials of new therapies for arthritic conditions. All medical staff involved in research have close links with Professor Christopher Buckley and Dr Karim Raza in the University of Birmingham Rheumatology Research Group.

Transitional care

Dr Elizabeth Rankin has extensive experience in clinical trials for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and now has a strong interest in how rheumatology patients transition between paediatric and adult services.

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