Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) is involved in a range of research activity, focused on bringing direct benefits to patients.

We aim to involve members of the public as much as possible with these activities. This is known as Patient and Public Involvement in Research (PPIR). Involving patients at the ideas stage of research increases the chances that the research itself will be relevant, useful and acceptable to patients.

UHB recognises the value of PPIR and the positive impact it makes to the clinical research which is initiated here. Just as we put our patients at the centre of everything we do in clinical service, we believe that our patients should be at the centre of all of our research. We encourage and support our health professionals to involve patients from the very beginning of their research, and throughout the whole project. For UHB research-active staff, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic all sessions will currently be held virtually. Further details about the sessions are available to view here.

What can PPIR involve?

The idea of patients being participants in trials or perhaps attending public engagement events is well-known, but direct patient and public involvement in shaping research may be less familiar. PPIR covers a broad spectrum of activities that can take place throughout the research cycle. PPIR panels for specific trials can include patients, family members/carers of patients and interested members of the public advising our teams and working with us to contribute to the trial design. Other activities include advising on the content of patient information resources and communications; being members of clinical trial oversight committees;  co-authoring and commenting on research papers; and being partners in research grant applications for funding as well as helping us to share the outcomes of research at conferences and other public events.


There are a number of staff at UHB who support patient and public involvement in research. These staff sit within RD & I, and act as the central contact point for both staff who want to involve patients in their research and patients who want to find out more about how they can become involved in research at UHB.

The PPIR team:

PPI pagel-r: Laura Chapman (NIHR Biomedical Research Centre); Margaret O’Hara (UHB); Kirsten Chalk (WM Genomic Medicine Centre); Laura Nice (NIHR Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre)

You can contact the members of the team via:

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