Full title: A Multi-centre, Prospective Study to Examine the Relationship between Neutrophil Function and Sepsis in Adults and Children with Severe Thermal Injuries

Aim: To validate early biomarkers of sepsis in severe burn injury in adults and children, through serial blood, urine and tissue sampling from shortly after injury up to 6 months post-burn injury.

Background: The study is designed to look in depth at what happens after we sustain a large burn. We know that after a burn some people will develop an infection, the infections are often a chest infection or a wound infection; this infection may require treatment with antibiotics. We would like to examine in detail what happens to our body before an infection occurs, during and after, this is important because at the moment we diagnose an infection by sending a sample to the microbiology laboratory and it takes 2 days to get the results. We hope the information we get from this study will lead to a faster way of confirming that a patient has an infection. Another less common complication following a burns injury may be a change in the way our bodies blood clots; we would like to look in-depth at how the blood clots after a burns injury.

The study will examine the body’s reaction by taking a series of blood, urine and skin samples over time.