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Head and neck

COVID-19 information

All head and neck research studies have been paused due to COVID-19.

We aim to reopen studies and recruit new patients as soon as we can.

Head and neck research covers the area from the skull base to the thyroid and anything in-between. Nasal cancers are the only exception, as they behave differently from other head and neck cancers. This forms part of a separate specialty.

Our research includes both cancer and non-cancer trials. We have ongoing studies focusing on a range of conditions that include:

  • hearing loss
  • loss of smell
  • thyroid cancer
  • oropharyngeal (oral and back of throat) cancer

Common conditions and trial topics

Current cancer trials are looking to:

  • compare alternative treatments and how often they are given
  • provide potential treatments when patients have exhausted all other options
  • offer a reduction in the intensity of treatment after surgery, with the possibility of novel and personalised treatments in some cases based on collected samples

Non cancer trials are primarily focused on treatments for the loss of sense of smell.

Contact information

Head and Neck Research Nurse: June Jones.

Last reviewed: 27 April 2021