Improving Patient Outcomes after Ocular Trauma NIHR SRMRC Research Theme 3: Regenerative Medicine

Research Summary

Injuries to the eye damage many different delicate structures both outside the eye and inside the eye. These structures include the retina (the photographic film lining inside the eye that allows us to see) and the optic nerve (that connects the eye to the brain). Injury causes cells to die (cell death) and scarring processes called proliferative vitreoretinopathy. These processes can be blinding. In this study we will examine patients with eye injuries and other retinal problems using clinical imaging and diagnostic tools and laboratory-based studies of the samples we take from the eye at the time of surgery and other biofluids (bloodurine tears etc) and relate these to functional outcome (how much the patient sees). Our aims are to:(1) Investigate the causes of proliferative vitreoretinopathy which is the main cause of a poor outcome after surgery on the retina.(2) Find biomarkers that can help us predict complications after retinal surgery and who would benefit from treatment. (3) Evaluate how many of the retinal cells die after eye injuries and the mechanisms by which they die.We will use this information in concert with data from our laboratory experimental work to develop novel treatments to prevent sight loss after eye trauma and in other retinal problems.

Research Overview
PI Name Glover - N
Sponsor University of Birmingham
Project Status Open
Proposed End Date 31/07/2018
Study Run through CRF? No
Target number of patients agreed to recruit 70
Recruitment so far 0